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Is your Organisation/Parish Council talking about Savernake? Feel free to post the relevant section of minutes or use the comment box to post a link to them.  If Savernake is on your Agenda (and your meeting is public) you might like to advertise the time and place here.

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    From the Minutes of the Pewsey Pilot Area Board Meeting held in public in October 2008

    6.2. HEALTH
    6.2.1. The provision of Minor Injuries services to the 6000 (approx)residents who live outside the (PCT self imposed) 15 mile limit of access was raised by Cllr Deck who was concerned about the 100% of the community area living outside the PCT’s 15 mile limit. Mrs Knowles advised that this would be discussed at the PCT’s December board meeting but wished to clarify that the PCT had never defined “reasonable access” as 15 miles. This definition was accepted by the Overview & Scrutiny committee in March 2007. Since 1st October 2007 there had been an increase in activity of 25% of Pewsey residents accessing MIU services. £1.5million had been provided to the Great Western Ambulance Service to provide Emergency Care Practitioners. Cllr Deck felt there should be a service in place for the local area rather than having to travel to Swindon to wait for a long period before being seen. A member of the public, Mrs Compton, advised the meeting that GWAS were using the ECP’s to achieve lower response times. She asked how they could be accessed. Mrs Knowles advised the ECP’s had been in place since 1st October 2008 and could be accessed by dialling 999 where clinical triage would take place to determine the level of emergency. She acknowledged the contribution made by the Fire and Rescue Service. She also reported the waiting times at Swindon were well under 4 hours.

    Contact Caroline Brailey
    Project Manager, Area Board Development (Pewsey)

    Development Services
    Wiltshire County Council
    County Hall
    Wilts BA14 8JN
    Tel: 07827082373

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