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  1. Janet Louth

    Good site.Spread the word.Good to know staff are already making use of information.I am busy researching for the History Project and it is fascinating.

  2. Camilla Johnson Smith

    I especially regret and deplore the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit which since moving to Marlborough with a sick husband in 2001, I have used many times often in times of great distress and pain. Three weeks ago my gardener got something in his eye that caused him extreme pain, the surgery could not help and I had no choice but to take him to Great Western Hospital where he was seen immediately. How angry we were that our local MIU had been closed, how fondly we remembered the service and the care we had received at Savernake, and how endless the journey to Swindon felt!

    Thank you all for all your hard work for the hospital and for this excellent website.

    Camilla Johnson Smith

  3. Jonathan Smith

    Having lived in the area all my life Savernake Hospital has always been there providing an essential service to the community. They dealt with mine and my siblings various childhood injuries and outpatients appointments. Both of my parents underwent operations there. In adult life my second child was born at the maternity unit, which was such a different and far more pleasant experience than we had with our other two children who were born at Princess Margaret Hospital. Over the years I have taken my own children to Savernake for out patients and minor injuries and used what has been an invaluable service. My last trip to the MIU was just prior to it being closed down. I received a phone call from my son who, in trying to open a tin of corned beef, had managed to cut himself quite badly. He needed proper attention and quickly and this was just what the MIU provided. At the beginning of this year my youngest daughter needed to use the out of hours service on a Saturday. Our first phone call went to Sussex, we were phoned back within half an hour from someone in Oxford and we were sent to Savernake where the doctor on duty had a waiting room full of people. This to me demonstrated the need for local treatment of patients.
    Savernake has cared for the people of Marlborough and surrounding areas for years. Costly improvements turned it into a hospital we could all be proud of and would allow it to continue serving the community with a higher standard of service. If the PCT think that shutting down services at Savernake will improve care for the community they are very much mistaken. Will common sense ever prevail.

  4. Sally Cripps

    congratulations to all involved on a clear clean looking professional website. Already the comments show that the site has regular visitors.
    Its heartbreaking to hear of the problems local folk have without the MIU

  5. Andrew Simpson

    Two of the comments above refer to the closure of the MIU as a sad fact of life. It isn’t – the fight goes on.

    I would like to think that The Friends are encouraging the community to make available details of the procedures unavoidable whenever they need the MIU service under the new arrangements imposed by the PCT. Only by comparison between the old and the new can a judgement be made as to the impact of the change on the community.

  6. John Wilson

    Many congratulations on finally clearing the last legal obstacle to getting the date for the Judicial Review fixed

  7. Peter Deck

    I attended all the Pathway to Change meetings held by the PCT to, allegedly, canvas public opinion on possible changes to the health services provided by the PCT in Wiltshire. I do not recall mention of their saying that the Savernake Day Centre and MIU would or even could be closed. I do clearly remember members of the audience stating that there should be reasonable access to medical services for all members of the community. This is not the case for those in the East of the county who have a minor injury. The NHS wiltshire criteria of MIU service within 15 miles is not unreasonable but it does not apply here where a 30-45 minute car journey (on a good day)is necessary to reach a treatment centre. To say that public transport is available from these rural areas is laughable. It is also a misuse of the Emergency services to say that they can be used for minor injuries, a round trip of two hours for a lacerated finger when there is a real accident problem on the M4 is not the way to use an ambulance service. Neither is it good use of resources to drive past the XRay department at Savernake and go on to the busy A&E at Swindon to diagnose a suspect fracture. One facility is being underused, the other clogged up. The sooner Savernake is used as a busy community hospital offering the services needed by the local community and to which they are entitled, and sensible relations with the health service are restored, the better it will be for all.

  8. Bob Lee

    Your website is wonderful and clearly Val Compton and her four Lawyers working probono are exceptional and the granting of the Judicial Review for June this year is a great outcome richly deserved.May it lead to a positive outcome for Savernake.
    I joined the campaign committee to help to save Westbury Hospital but sadly we were unsuccessful. The public consultation seemed to most of us a complete sham.
    I started a petition on the Government website calling for Wilts PCT to go and it received enough signatures to warrant a reply in March this year. I have not yet had a reply and I wonder if the delay might be pending the decision of your Judical Review as similar complaints are lodged over the same PCT (now Wiltshire Health); always a good idea to change the name when difficulties arise..remember Windscale with its various names?
    Good Luck and formidable skills.

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